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ICWELT.de  is a young, experienced, passionate and creative elite team.


        ICWelt.de was founded in Würzburg in 2015. As a mature professional services and systematic product innovation manufacturers, ICWelt.de committed to providing customers with valuable and innovative services.
        Our product areas across appliances, wearable automatic control, mobile equipment, machinery and equipment, medical, public facilities, leisure fashion and other industries.
        Our team aims to establish a systematic product innovation platform, through the effective integration strategy, design and supply chain, to provide more comprehensive products and innovative solutions. With persevere expertise and innovative spirit, ICWelt.de adhere to create value, quality, viability and vitality, lead the areas in the new course of development.

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Successful Solutions

1.Clean Air Conditioning Automatic Control System
Using air conditioning system and DDC system to filters the air and control the temperature, humidity, pressure, make sure the clean room can be reach Class 10.
2.Medicine Process Control System
Using computer technology & PLC system to read the recipe, automatically add materials, control the chemical reaction process , until the process finished.
3.Remote Communication System Using GPRS
Use Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPRS and other communication method, encrypted and compress data to achieve reliably data transmission.
4.Distributed I/O Devices
Collecting on-site analog signals, digital signals and convert them into standard industrial signals, so that PLC or DDC controls can easy to read and handle.

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